Beatball is a world first Australian sport born right here in Australia.

Majority of sporting clubs provide their players opportunities to engage in additional training, with the purpose to enhance, develop and hone players' skill sets, putting them at the top of their game.


Beatball provides the ultimate solution for multiple skill set development!


Beatball combines the best qualities from Volleyball, Soccer, Tennis, Trampolining and Basketball.


We have hundreds of players from multiple sporting clubs playing Beatball to increase their overall cardio, flexibility and reflexes.  Our clients comment that Beatball has increased their stamina, reaction time and hand to eye co-ordination while building a greater sense of teamwork between them.

The unique Beatball patented shock absorbing platform inherently reduces injury while in practice.

Our Venue includes a Café and Party/Function Room, complete with state of the art lighting and sound that caters up to 40 people, perfect for club gatherings and award nights.


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