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Beatball is developing its own leagues and competitions on a National and International level of competitive play. 


As Beatball has representation in multiple countries we are looking to develop National and International expansion of Beatball Tournaments.


With this in mind, we constantly scout potential star players that will ultimately be selected to represent Australia in their age groups Internationally.


We are encouraging schools and all social and sporting clubs to create their own Beatball teams to play in a competition against their most fierce competitor clubs for the ultimate Beatball experience.


Beatball is incredibly unique and generates an indescribable excitement to play. Being great at volleyball, soccer, basketball, netball, tennis or trampolining doesn't ultimately mean that you will be a master at Beatball Sports. To master Beatball Sports takes multiple sporting skills that need to be combined in a unique mix.

For anyone that thinks this is easy to master? Yes and NO.


Try the Beatball Challenge and tell us what you think.

A World-Class Facility that takes sports like Beach Volleyball - Indoor Beach Volleyball and Volleyball to another level of excitement.

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