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If you love Basketball then Beatball Cage Basketball is the ultimate spin on an already awesome sport.

Beatball Cage Basketball is played on an air cushioned surface with 4 Pro Tramps

that launch players into new techniques and skills.

 Beatball Sports are designed to make players BETTER and FASTER than they were before, regardless of what sport they play now.

Beatball Sports accelerate important skills like reflexes, balance, reaction times,

speed and accuracy. 

Our sports can be played Hard, Fast or Fun.

Join with your own team, group of friends or join on your own, its up to you.

Our Trainers each week will select and coordinate teams based on age and skill level and umpire the training matches to ensure fair play for all. A great way for players to meet new friends, gain confidence and learn to compete with others their own age in social/competition matches on a weekly basis.

Mixed Training Match sessions will run weekly on Wednesdays

Session times 5.30 - 6.30pm for ages 7-9yo

6.30pm -7.30pm for ages 10-13yo

Team sizes will vary based on age and skill levels each week and can be up to 8 players a side in our awesome Beatball Cage!!

Fill out our registration form to secure a spot in a session.

Skill level of Junior

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