Beatball is a phenomenon that is taking the world by storm. It’s a concept like no other that presents challenges and techniques that are unique and exciting across all ages and all genres.


Beatball presents a new and unique concept that is no less than extraordinary.


Beatball proudly originated in Australia and has already established a home base in the United States to further develop the sport across the United States.


Beatball has multiple Australian and International patents that protect its concept and allows Beatball to grow in a manner that upholds its culture, branding and ethos for the world to experience.


Beatball is always looking for new directions of expansion and is open to issuing licences to new partners looking to join our Beatball Culture moving forward.

Beatball has its own unique and extraordinarily broad age group of demographics that are already addicted to its experience.


A new exciting sport, that is geared up to achieve exceptional commercial returns.

Beatball is the evolution of multiple sports and creates a crossover sport for the ages.


Beatball presents new challenges and skills to conventional sports athletes of volleyball, soccer, tennis and reignites the passion of ex-athletes in a new and innovative way without the threats of injury that age and hard floor courts always bring.

There is nothing to compare to Beatball’s diverse appeal and the feeling Beatball brings to its players and spectators.


The Beatball brand is unique, Beatball is not just a game to be played, it’s fun to play but yet also very serious, it’s is a culture, a feeling, a music experience, a world-first crossover sport.

Beatball has the resources to facilitate and develop venues anywhere in the world, we welcome passionate partners with the same vision as ours to apply for consideration to join our great emerging path to the expansion of Beatball venues.

Please follow the link below to express your interest in the area or country you would like to pursue the expansion in.


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