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Beatball Soccer is here!!! Beatball Soccer the excitement of Beatball to a whole new level. Combining the skills of both Soccer with a Giant Air Cushioned Cage Arena and Pro Trampolines. Beatball Soccer offers non-stop action that will leave you breathless. A new way to play, compete and enjoy one of our favourite Aussie sports!

The result is a unique and exhilarating new Crossover Sport that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Great to play and just as exciting to watch.

Beatball Soccer is unBEATable!!!!!!!!!!.......

Cage soccer is easy to learn and anyone who has played or learning Futsal/ Soccer will easily adapt and master this new sporting challenge. The ball is always in play except when a penalty or goal is scored.

The Beatball Cage Soccer Ball is made of a special foam/rubber that is soft on impact but very stable for passing, bouncing and kicking. The Ball size and weight are varied to match the age and skill of each session.

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