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BeatBall Australia Pty Ltd “BeatBall Sports and Entertainment Centre Chelsea Heights”

Safety Commitment


BeatBall Sports and Entertainment Centre Chelsea Heights will take all reasonable responsibility to educate customers on the safe use of the Beatball Venue, BeatBall Court and all embedded Trampoline Courts by providing:

1. BeatBall Sports and Entertainment Centre Chelsea Heights safety instructions and BeatBall court rules will always be delivered to customers prior to participation on the BeatBall court.

2. Safety Instructions may be delivered to customers using video, audio, or computer-based programs, pre-recorded spiel, written document, signage, verbal instruction or other delivery methods approved by BeatBall Australia Indoor Sports Centre.

3. BeatBall Sports and Entertainment Centre Chelsea Heights shall convey to customers and participants the substance of the customer safety responsibility requirements (through written or verbal safety procedures) applicable to their session and for Beatball Court use and all trampolines within the court.

4. Rules for safe participation in the BeatBall Court will be posted on signage around the venue.

5. Alcohol is prohibited to be brought in or consumed within the premises or related carpark areas of the Beatball venue.



All patrons must adhere to the following rules when entering the Beatball Australia Indoor Sports Venue and subsequently using the Beatball Court, and its trampoline facilities.

1. No more than one person per trampoline at any given time.

2. BeatBall grip socks are suggested to be worn on BeatBall court and embedded trampolines at all times.

3. No food or drink to be be taken into the BeatBall court.

4. No intentional landing or jumping on any other player.

5. No double bouncing.

6. Rough play, bullying or causing intentional harm to others will not be tolerated.

7. Patrons to ensure a safe exit from BeatBall Court through the shortest gated route.

8. All entry and exit points to Beatball Court are to be kept clear unless entering or exiting the game.

9. No entry to BeatBall Court until the area is clear of other patrons.

10. No hanging on nets or climbing on any part of the Beatball Cage. Hanging on Basketball rings or any accessory structures within the Beatball Court area is strictly prohibited.

11. Use of these facilities whilst under the influence of drugs or alcohol is prohibited.

12. No running or disorderly unsafe conduct outside the BeatBall Court area or any area within the BeatBall venue.

13. It is strictly prohibited for any customer to deliberately damage any BeatBall equipment that is under their responsibility.

14. Deliberate Food or liquid throwing by any customer is not allowed.  

15. Customers are to sit or rest within designated rest areas only.

16. Climbing or standing on tables, furniture or stools is unsafe and not allowed.

Our Staff commit to the following responsibilities:

1. The ratio of court attendants to active participants will be monitored during the time the Beatball court is in operation, excluding customers within the assembly area or customers located in designated rest areas.

2. BeatBall Sports and Entertainment Centre Chelsea Heights attendants shall monitor activity on the Beatball Court at all times via CCTV or other means during operation.

3. BeatBall Sports and Entertainment Centre Chelsea Heights attendants shall incorporate the use of whistles or other devices and methods or signal equipment and take appropriate action at the first sign of misbehaviour or violation of posted rules.

4. BeatBall Sports and Entertainment Centre Chelsea Heights attendants will monitor the entrance and exits to the BeatBall court to be kept clear of onlookers and spectators.

5. In the interest of safety, BeatBall Sports and Entertainment Centre Chelsea Heights customers shall not be allowed to climb or hang on the walls or netting in or around the BeatBall Court.

6.  BeatBall Sports and Entertainment Centre Chelsea Heights shall ensure any trampoline devices are installed and used as per the manufacturer’s specifications.

By agreeing to our Terms & Conditions you (the customer) commit to the following responsibilities;


The following instructions outline requirements as applicable to the BeatBall Games including all BeatBall play surfaces, accessories, trampolines and include requirements that are necessary and unique to the Beatball game, its embedded trampolines and related structures.


1. There are inherent risks in the participation of the Beatball game, its associated structures and any embedded trampolines within the Beatball Court. Customers of the Beatball game, its embedded trampoline courts and accessories, by participation, accept the risks inherent in such participation of which the ordinary prudent person is or should be aware.

2. Customers have a duty to exercise good judgment and act in a responsible manner while in the Beatball venue and while using the BeatBall Court and its embedded trampoline courts and to obey all oral or written warnings, or both, prior to or during participation, or both.

3. Customers have a duty to not participate in the Beatball Game or enter its caged arena or participate on any trampolines within the Beatball Venue when under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

4. Customers have a duty to properly use all Beatball accessories in a safe manner so as to not cause any injury to themselves or any other person

5. Customers have a duty NOT to participate in the Beatball Game, and NOT to participate on any trampoline court if they have pre-existing medical conditions such as but not limited to circulatory conditions, heart or lung conditions, recent surgeries, back or neck conditions, high blood pressure, any history of the spine, musculoskeletal or head injury, or may be pregnant.

6. Customers MUST remove inappropriate attire, including hard, sharp, or dangerous objects (such as necklaces, jewellery, buckles, pens, purses, badges, and so forth) before entering the BeatBall Court Area and before participating in the BeatBall game.

7. Customers have a duty to avoid bodily contact with other patrons or staff.

8. Customers have a duty to conform with or meet height, weight, or age restrictions imposed by BeatBall Sports and Entertainment Centre Chelsea Heights and or the manufacturer of any product within the BeatBall Venue to use or participate in the BeatBall Game, including any trampoline activity.

9. Customers must avoid crowding or overloading individual sections of the embedded BeatBall trampolines and BeatBall court playing surfaces.

10. Customers have a duty to use the embedded BeatBall trampolines and BeatBall playing surfaces within their own limitations, training and acquired skills.

11. Customers have a duty to avoid landing on their head or neck. Serious injury can occur when landing on the BeatBall playing surfaces and any of the embedded trampoline surfaces and any related structures.

12. Any parent or guardian signing a waiver assuming responsibility for a minor or minors (anyone under 18 years of age) must ensure the said minors are supervised by them during their attendance at the Beatball Venue. It is also the sole responsibility of any parent or guardian attending the Beatball venue and not having signed a waiver, to supervise any minors in their care and ensure they adhere to the rules of the Beatball Venue during their attendance at the Beatball venue.

Area specific assessments

Beatball Volleyball Court Arena – Zone

Risk Assessment Form

Potential Dangers

* Jumping on or colliding with other patrons

* Landing on other patrons

* Tripping on playing surface areas

* Being hit unintentionally by a Ball 

* Colliding with walls or permanent buildings or fixtures

 *Tripping on or falling downstairs

 * Cuts or abrasions possibly caused by netting or trampolines or playing surfaces in the venue

 * Slipping on the concrete floor in BeatBall venue

Forbidden Actions

* Climbing up or hanging on nets or basketball rings

* Double bouncing/ rough play/ fighting / wrestling

* Deliberately jumping into or onto other patrons

* Moving or altering foam padding in any way

* No sitting or lying on trampolines 

 . No littering, bins allocated throughout the venue are to be utilised.

 .  Deliberate food or liquid throwing is strictly prohibited.

Safety Guide

* One person per trampoline

* Land safely on two feet or backside

* Do not hang from any structures within the venue

* Don’t attempt any activities above your skill level

* Allow smaller patrons right of way

* Grip socks to be worn by all patrons while on the BeatBall playing surface and

   trampolines when playing at competition-level match play.

* Allow patrons to exit the BeatBall Caged Area before the next person enters

 . Keep all entrances and exits clear at all times.

 . No running outside the Beatball caged area.

 . Sitting safely on allocated seating, no sitting on or standing on tables or furniture.

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