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  • Are Beatball birthday parties only for kids?
    Beatball parties are the top pick for all age groups, from 5-year-olds to teenagers. Our events are tailored to suit the age group of the party guests, ensuring maximum enjoyment. Whether it's a simple, fun party for kids or a cool, competitive one for teens, Beatball parties offer an unbeatable, memorable, and exciting experience. All our Games Coordinators/Umpires/Trainers at Beatball are very highly trained, caring and motivational athletes in their own right. Whether our guests are super sporting athletes or super keen novices, our team quickly adapts the theme, challenges and competitiveness to suit their skills and expectations.
  • Are the Beatball Sports hard to learn and play?
    Beatball Sports are designed to suit all ages and skills, the trainers/coordinators are highly trained in all Beatball sports and available to guide all new players through the rules and tips to get the most out of each session. The rules, the ball size and weight for each sport are adjusted to suit the skill of the players and age of each session. The trampolines are easily adapted to by the players within the warm up period prior to matchplay. The trampolines are custom designed to allow maximum bounce while providing a stable surface to run across. All trainers are licenced to work with children and we have the highest safety record in the industry.
  • How old do you have to be to play BEATBALL?
    Beatball sports are open age from 5+ years and above, all ages and skill levels are welcome. Bring your own teams or choose teams before your session starts. The Beatball venue is uniquely designed so that every spectator has a front row view of all the action. Parents are welcome to join the action inside the cage with their kids. At Beatball we offer a unique private party/session experience. We dont mix one party group with another group, each party or session enjoys private use of the Cage Arena during their allocated time.
  • Does the Beatball venue have cooling systems in place for summer?
    The Beatball venue is equipped with highly efficient industrial evaporative ice-chilled cooling units. These units are combined with independent ceiling air extraction systems installed throughout the premises. The Cage Areas feature multiple direction fan-forced air units, including an independent industrial ice-chilled fan-forced cooler which assists with players' comfort during their match play and the party zone areas. Our trampoline systems also have embedded air extraction/ fresh air circulation systems that further assist players during gameplay. Our Venue is always heavily booked during summer and we have managed to keep our venue comfortable during all past summer events. Moreover, multiple entries with a 7-meter roller door adjacent to the party areas, assist in providing fresh air as required.
  • What do we wear to play Beatball?
    We suggest sporting athletic clothing, tank tops, singlets, tshirts, shorts, track suit or tights are all acceptable. No Jeans, casual trousers or dresses are permitted inside cage area. Sports shoes recommended in around Venue outside the cage area. Grip socks can be purchased for competitive match play, they provide superior grip when running and enhance agility on the playing surface. First timers are allowed to wear their own clean socks to play in the cage.
  • Do I have to sign a waiver?
    Waivers are commonly requested by all professionally operated sporting venues around the world. All participants are required to sign the Beatball waiver before participating in BEATBALL, and by participating in any activities in the BEATBALL venue, all participants confirm that they have read and agree to our terms and conditions including the Waiver. Those under 18 must have the waiver signed by their parent or legal guardian. Electronic waivers signed online are valid for 2 years. Beatball has a proven track record of consistently maintaining the highest safety standards in its industry. With a team of dedicated professionals, cutting-edge technology, and rigorous safety protocols, Beatball ensures that every aspect of its operations is conducted with the utmost care and attention to safety.
  • If I completed an online (electronic) waiver, do I need to print and take it with me?"
    NO. You do not need the printed copy of the waiver as long as you received an email confirmation that your waiver was successfully completed.
  • Can outside food or drink be brought into the BEATBALL venue?
    For hourly match sessions we allow personal plastic water bottles. We do have drinks and snacks available for purchase. For Birthday and Function packages tables are preset. We provide plates, cutlery and cups for all ticketed guests. We are one of the only venues of its type that allows food and drink to be brought in with no surcharge, we simply ask for any non ticketed guests that you invite (that have not purchased a party/function ticket) to ensure that you provide and cater for those guests with their party needs, such as extra disposable plates, cutlery and cups. Please ensure that any extra food, containers or food related items brought in by your group for your function are responsibly disposed of in bins provided at the end of the function, prior to vacating the party area. Coffee and Tea can be purchased at the Beatball Cafe bar. Strictly no glass or crockery containers allowed. Strictly no alcohol allowed into our venue. Consumption of alcohol is prohibited in designated public areas around Kingston. This is to regulate and control the consumption and possession of alcohol in public places to prevent anti-social behaviour that is detrimental or a nuisance to the community. These bans are also designed to enhance public safety. Our private parties are extremely popular with many consecutive functions during each day, we therefore ask your group to be ready to vacate the venue at the conclusion of your allocated time slot.
  • What if I have purchased BEATBALL Single Hour Session Passes on-line & I am running late/can’t make it?
    Unfortunately your court time is non-transferrable. Please plan on arriving at least 15 minutes before your court time is set to begin to allow for waiver check in, wristbands and Court Safety Socks (if you don’t already have them). Your court time will begin promptly at the time you chose. Like an airport, we are on a tight schedule, and court passes need to be used for the time-frame they were purchased, as it affects our capacity/headcount for the BEATBALL venue. We can’t alter your Court Pass time for you because you hit traffic or didn’t get out of the house in time!
  • Can I form a group and play a casual hourly session without booking online?
    Pre- bookings are essential, we highly recommend that you call us prior to check session availabilty, especially at peak periods, weekends and school holidays. Minimum of 10 players required to book an hour session. All hourly session bookings for players under 18 require a responsible adult to accompany the group to ensure the Beatball venue rules are adhered to and to monitor their match play. Beatball Australia reserves the right to cancel any session should matchplay or behaviour, be deemed in violation of the venue's safety rules.
  • Can I play at any time?
    No. All our sessions start on the hour from 10am daily. These sessions run for 60 minutes or sessions can be booked for longer multiple sessions as required.
  • Can I take my food or drink on to the court area?
    No food, drink, jewellery or phones are allowed onto the court area.
  • Can we kick the balls to each other?
    Yes, during play and practice times insde the Cage area only. Players cannot kick directly at other players in a manner that may cause injury, kicking is allowed in line with the game’s rules.
  • Can we continue to use the court when we are finished?
    For a Single Hour session - Your entry price is just for the allotted time booked. However, if there is no booking immediately following your hour session, you may be able to book and pay for a follow-on session, operating hours permitting. For a Party Package booking - Once the allocated hour of "cage time" has expired in your function and guests sit down to eat, the cage is closed off in preperation for next event.
  • Can we hire BEATBALL out for a private function?
    Yes. Our venue can accommodate group bookings looking for end of season/year breakups and private functions. Functions are limited to a maximum of 50 people and minimum catering spend applies. These must be pre-booked in advance. Corporate Team building, Schools and Sporting groups are welcome. Utilise the BEATBALL Venue for a totally exciting event that will keep everyone entertained inside our world class facility.
  • What food do you offer?
    We offer a variety of food options - Click here for our Hot Food menu.Please ask for a food and drink list to be emailed when arranging your event. BYO Food and Drinks to compliment your event packages are welcome. Enquire with our event coordinators to find the best options for your special event, they will be happy to assist.
  • What if I have a hard cast on or a walking boot, am I still able to use the court?"
    No. Unfortunately, for the safety of yourself and those around you and for the protection of the equipment you are UNABLE to participate in any activity on the BEATBALL Court with any cast on. We wish you a speedy recovery and please come and visit us when you are back in action.
  • Does Beatball have Competition Matches - Social Matches - Training
    Yes. Beatball has weekly competition matches and social matches. Advance and Junior competition Social matches are held on Tuesday Nights, Contact us for other match and event times. You can nominate your own team to challenge another team, join a team or book the court and play amongst your selves in match play or practice. Training for new and seasoned players is held weekly on Thursday nights and Sundays afternoons also, contact us for details.
  • If I'm good at Volleyball will I be good at Beatball Volley?
    Having Volleyball skills is a great stepping stone to Beatball Volley. There are many more skills required to master the game of Beatball Volley. Beatball requires not only Volleyball skills but also skillsets from soccer, trampolines, balance, super reflexes and cooridnation. All skills needed are easily learnt through our training sessions. Our members that usually play Volleyball that now play Beatball regularly have reported that their standard Volleyball game has improved tremendously by training at Beatball Volley. No matter what your skill levels are, you will soon adapt to the game and become addicted to play it, just like everyone before you.
  • Can other Sports Clubs and Teams compete at the Beatball Venue?
    Beatball welcomes all Clubs and Teams to challenge themselves or challenge our own Beatball Teams inside the Beatball Cage. If you have a team that wants to challange one of our member teams please let us know and we can cooridinate the match for you.
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