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Playing Beatball  and Trampoline jumping are considered as extreme sports, play at your own risk.

All patrons must adhere to the following rules when entering the Beatball Australia Indoor Sports Venue and

ubsequently using the Beatball Court, and its trampoline facilities.

  1. NO ONE younger than 18 years of age allowed on the main BEATBALL court without a signed waiver from a parent or legal guardian.

  2. NO ONE allowed on BEATBALL court without a signed waiver & approved wristband.

  3. Use of these facilities whilst under the influence of drugs or alcohol is Prohibited.

  4. NO food, candy, gum or drink inside the BeatBall court.

  5. Any rubbish must be placed in bins provided around venue.

  6. NO inappropriate attire including hard, sharp or dangerous objects (such as belt buckles or studs on clothing, pens, purses, badges etc.) Please remove all keys, keychains, sharp or pointed objects from apparel or pockets prior to entering the BeatBall Court Area and prior to participating in the BeatBall game.

  7. Beatball grip socks to be worn on Beatball court and embedded trampolines at all times. No shoes allowed on Beatball Court.

  8. NO more than one person per trampoline at any given time.

  9. DO NOT intentionally land on or jump on any other player.

  10. NO double bouncing.

  11. Rough play, deliberate charging or bumping towards any player or causing intentional harm to others will not be tolerated.

  12. Patrons must ensure a calm safe exit from Beatball Court through the shortest gated route.

  13. All entry and exit points to Beatball Court are to be kept clear unless entering or exiting game.

  14. NO ENTRY to Beatball Court until the area is clear of other patrons.

  15. Allow smaller patrons right of way.

  16. DO NOT lean or hang on/from any nets or climb on any part of Beatball Cage area or any accessory structures within or around the Beatball Court area at any stage.

  17. NO running, jumping, swearing or disorderly conduct outside the Beatball Court area or any area within the BeatBall venue.

  18. NO swearing or disorderly conduct on the Beatball Court.

  19. NO patron is to intentionally damage any Beatball equipment that is in their care.

  20. NO moving or altering foam padding in any way .

  21. Use Trampolines within your own ability. Don’t attempt any activities above your skill level.

  22. Land safely on two feet or backside.

  23. NO sitting on trampolines or surrounding pads for periods longer than to catch your breath.

  24. NO sitting anywhere on the BEATBALL court. Sit or rest within designated rest areas only.

  25. NO running, racing, rough-housing, tackling, shoving or playing unsupervised tag.

  26. Care to be taken when walking around the concrete flooring throughout the Beatball Venue and to follow carpeted walkways where possible.

  27. NO outside food or drink.

  28. BEATBALL is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

  29. BEATBALL is not responsible for children left unattended.

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