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People play BEATBALL for a variety of reasons. BEATBALL combines multiple sports in a fun and competitive way, providing one of the best ways to get in shape and stay in shape.  It brings strangers, families, clubs and friends together as one. Beatball also provides a unique way of corporate team building and is a great source of entertainment for birthdays or special occasions. 
Whatever the reason, Beatball is ready when you are. 
Beatball - Teams for life.

Beatball cardiovascular health


BEATBALL provides a great cardio workout. It incorporates jumping, running and upper body movements which will get your heart rate going. This in turn will produce efficient circulation of blood and nutrients throughout your body and ultimately improve your overall health.  Playing BEATBALL regularly is a great way to maintain heart health and help prevent other health issues from developing.

Beatball impoves Hand and Eye co-ordination.


BEATBALL is great for improving hand-eye coordination. Playing BEATBALL requires a high level of hand-eye coordination and balance for correct delivery of serves, hits, kicks, jumps, blocks, and spikes. The persistent need for strong hand-eye coordination will dramatically increase your abilities fast.

Beatbal reduces stress


BEATBALL is a fun exercise and a great way to alleviate the stresses of the day.  The release of endorphins that happens when playing BEATBALL improves the overall mood of each player and leaves everyone in the Beatball arena feeling elated. There is an incredibly entertaining side to playing and watching Beatball that can only be understood when it's played or seen. 



The unique trampolining aspect of BEATBALL provides low impact exercise. The body’s gravitational force is more equally distributed when bouncing and the impact of rebounding is absorbed by the trampoline surface, therefore reducing risk of injury. Our proprietary and patented triple-layer design suspension platform surface provides controlled rebound, spring and impact absorption that encourages faster and more intense play. It alleviates the fear of impact that hard surface courts like wood, concrete or sand present during falls. It allows players that have chronic knee and joint impact injuries from the past to once again participate at their own pace, knowing there is a high level of impact absorption beneath them during play.



BEATBALL is a great way to build muscle strength.  It can be played very competitively or socially and fun. The pure nature of BEATBALL helps to tone the core muscles and strengthens the upper and lower body.

Beatball develops agility


BEATBALL is an intense sport that trains you to develop speed, balance, flexibility and stamina while challenging your existing skills. Beatball also trains your body to learn new skills not normally found in other sports.

Beatball self esteem


BEATBALL not only improves your mood, it also helps to improve self-esteem. Everyone wants to be fit and healthy. BEATBALL helps you lose weight, build muscles, and reduces stress which makes you feel good about yourself. The sense of belonging to a team also boosts self-confidence and encourages pride in your accomplishments as a team member.

Beatball burns calories


BEATBALL not only helps to tone and strengthen your muscles, it also assists in weight loss. Playing BEATBALL even at a social pace can help you burn over 550 calories in a single game. Unlike a treadmill whereby the time seems to drag, playing Beatball feels like time flies, one hour feels like 15 mins. Many customers have entered the cage to play for 30 mins and ended playing for 2 hours +. Many players tell us that time seems to stand still when they enter the Beatball Cage, its a feeling that's hard to explain until you try it. 



BEATBALL is a great way to make new friends and develop your interpersonal skills. Being a team sport, it requires cooperation and interaction with your teammates. You will also learn to value and respect your teammates.  This in turn improves your ability to work well with others in achieving the desired result, that is, to win!

Beatball Sportmanship


One of the most important benefits of playing BEATBALL is learning the golden rule in sports.......SPORTSMANSHIP.

Beatball rewards hard work, fairness, discipline and respect.

Beatball - team for life.

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