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Beatball offers coaching for all ages of play. We teach the many aspects of the game and its strategies so that any novice can rapidly compete at a competitive level of play in a great team environment. We teach timing, balance, coordination, reflex tuning and teamwork skills. Our group training days produce gamers that have increased fitness,  cardio and enhanced social skills. Training for Beatball has proven to have a dramatic effect on weight loss based on the results we have seen from our customers to date. Beatball Training Academy suits all people, all ages and entry-level players. It is a great way to meet like-minded rookies enjoying the new sport of Beatball.


The training session includes 2 Hours of the following breakdown:

  • 30 minutes on-court instruction with freestyle play and training development skills

  • 30 minutes of game practice

  • 15 minutes of group critique and break

  • 45 minutes of game time.

All this for $20.00 per person.

So get off your ipads and iphones and get ready to have some fun while learning a new sport.

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